Stehlampe / 2017

mit Wolfgang Novotny

Nachtkerze / 2015

M/W / 2014

mit Wolfgang Novotny


Das Sortiment beinhaltet Skizzenbücher, Stiftrollen in verschiedenen Größen, Smartphonehüllen und Tablethüllen. Hergestellt aus recyceltem Leder.

the found object / 2014

 Light studies / 2014

According to the participation to a light workshop by the Bartenbach academy in Innsbruck, I made a 24 hours observation on an outdoor scene of a tree. Beside taking pictures every 45 seconds I also measured the lux and translated both into a time labs and an animated graph.

In the second step I looked closer at an indoor scene in the academy of fine arts Vienna and made a computer animation observing the natural light conditions for 24 hours. By modeling the room and straighten it to its actual north-west direction I created real light conditions just using the natural sunlight spreading in the room through the windows.

Schmuckentwürfe / 2010-2014

1.-3.Ohrringe: Perlen auf Gittarrensaiten

4./5. Perlenkette auf Lederband
6. Set aus Perlenkette mit Ohrringen
7.-9. Sets aus Ketten und Ohrringen aus Leder